Puhos – water borne revival of regional wellbeing







Despite growing demand, opportunities for white water sports (e.g. canoeing in rapids, streams) and river fisheries in Finland are below their potential due to extensive hydropower infrastructure covering most of our river networks. While in Finland no actively operating hydropower plants have yet been removed, in the U.S more than 1500 dams have been removed and rivers restored during the last hundred years. So far, our restoration projects have focused on idle plants or redundant dams. There, the trade-offs are less severe, but also the potential importance smaller than in large scale restorations.

The city of Kitee wants to enrich its nature tourism by developing the nexus of Lakes Pyhäjärvi and Orivesi. The local electricity company wants to generate green energy but finds running the small hydropower plant between the lakes costly as there are expensive renovations needed and the maximum production capacity is very low anyway. The region would like to see new economic activities unleashed in the region. Finnish citizens would like to see that if one activity (here: a hydropower plant) stands in the way of a new, sustainable economic activities, we are able to design and undertake actions if this improves everyone’s welfare.

Jointly with local actors, we will restore the route from Pyhäjärvi to Orivesi in a welfare
maximizing fashion.

Tavoitteet, vaikuttavuus ja hyödyt

1. Kartoittaa Oriveden ja Pyhäjärven kalakannat ja potentiaaliset kutualueet
2. Auttaa Kiteen kaupunkia kunnostusvaihtoehtojen identifioimisessa ja valinnassa
3. kartoittaa luontomatkailupotentiaali
4. Laatia kustannus-hyötyanalyysi vaihtoehdoista

1. Esiselvitys, jossa kalasto- ja matkailupotentiaali
2. kustannus-hyötyanayysi (pro gradu)
3. jatkohankkeiden rahoittaminen