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Adaptive and Resilient Bioeconomy

Foresight, adaptation, and risk management are means to prepare for the great upheavals threatening nature and society, such as climate change and the biodiversity loss. The research programme’s challenge is to form a comprehensive view of the complex interrelations between ecosystems, production environments and society, as well as retaining a capacity to operate in changing conditions.

The programme offers solutions for:

  • securing biodiversity and diverse ecosystem services, and for their sustainable use in the future bioeconomy 
  • sustainable reconciliation of natural resource use conflicts
  • the anticipation and management of damage and risks for nature and the natural resources sector, safeguarding supply security, and the promotion and renewal of society’s ability to function in changing conditions seizing change-driven opportunities for new bioeconomy 

Research areas

The Adaptive and Resilient Bioeconomy programme operates in six research areas, of which Policy Guidance as well as Genetics and Breeding are common to all of the research areas. For up-to-date perspectives, publications, and information on on-going projects, go to the research areas’ pages. 

What do we find important?

The research programme studies how new solutions for the wise use of natural resources can be put into practice sustainably.
The logo of Luke's "Adaptive and resilient bioeconomy" programme

Stakeholder Advisory Board

The stakeholder advisory board of the research programs represent Luke's key stakeholders and customers. The advisory boards meet once or twice a year to discuss the development needs and results of the research programmes. The members are mainly Finns or residents of Finland, but foreign experts can also be invited.

The representatives of the Stakeholder Advisory Board are: 

  • Minna Aila, Neste Corporation 
  • Mark Dickey-Collas, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) 
  • Minttu Jaakkola, Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation 
  • Anna-Liisa Laine, University of Zürich (Visiting Professor at the University of Helsinki) 
  • Timo Lehesvirta, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra 
  • Pim Martens, Maastricht University 
  • Juha S. Niemelä, Metsähallitus 
  • Jaakko Pekki, National Emergency Supply Agency 
  • Jari Varjo, The Finnish Wildlife Agency 

Programme director

Come work for us!

Program Director Meri Kallasvuo and Research Manager Markus Melin tell about the topics the research program is working on.