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Training position or seasonal employment at Luke


In the future, Luke will require young talent from a broad range of fields who share Luke’s values. We aim to conduct top research to solve practical problems and are seeking an encouraging organisation with a sense of community, and we are working hard to this end. Luke offers a wide range of opportunities for students too. In recent years, we have hired around 100-150 trainees or seasonal workers at our sites around Finland. Are you one of our sustainable future makers?

Santeri Kankaapää, trainee, working in laboratorio


Trainees work in different phases of the research process, ranging from the collection of data to the analysis and documentation of results. In training positions, trainees can complete a training period as part of their studies or write their thesis. Here, students seeking a career as a researcher or students of communication, IT or HR management can apply for a training position. Our traineeships are open every year from January to February.

We adhere to the principles of good, fair and equitable summer work. Our employees have a say in what they do and work in interesting and meaningful jobs. We make sure that every new employee receives good orientation and guidance. It is important to us that every trainee and seasonal employee feels part of Luke and has the joy of learning something new!

Seasonal positions

Our seasonal positions have been built around our unique research infrastructure, and they may involve the National Forest Inventory, forest breeding and graft production, crop production during the growing season, cowsheds, farms, migratory fish monitoring or other research assistant positions in our ongoing research projects. Seasonal employees work as research assistants, research technicians or fish farmers, for example. Seasonal employees can be students who are finishing their studies or graduated students.

Luke participates in the Responsible Summer Job campaign ( We comply with the principles of a good, just and fair summer job. Our employees can have an impact on their tasks and do interesting and meaningful work. Here, every new employee will be provided with proper induction and guidance. It is important to us that every trainee or seasonal employee feels like they are part of Luke and experience the joy of learning something new!

Thesis work

Luke's traineeships are advertised every year in January and February. For some internships, it is possible or desirable to do a thesis (e.g. a thesis or dissertation). You can ask directly to Luke's researchers and experts about possible thesis collaborations or send an email to In your message, please tell us more about your studies and the thesis topics that interest you. Please include your CV and a cover letter.