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Terms of use - Statistics

Luke is the producer of and the holder of copyrights to the statistical data published in the online service and the statistics database, unless otherwise indicated in conjunction with specific statistics. The data published in Luke’s online service and statistics database are subject to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence, which is a licence for the public sector’s open data in accordance with the JHS 189 recommendation. The licence provides the right to copy, edit and redistribute data in original or modified format. Data can also be merged with other data and used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Open data must include an indication of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence and a hyperlink to the licence.

Example: Volumes and prices in industrial roundwood trade: annual stumpage prices, Luke. Data prepared in Luke’s API service on 23 March 2020 under the CC BY 4.0 ( licence.

The original source and data revision date (the data highlighted in Italics as required) must be indicated when using data.

Example: Luke, [name of statistics/product/service], [accessed on]

By receiving or downloading the data, or otherwise making the data available to themselves, the user accepts these terms of use.

Terms of use for data produced through assignments and other services subject to a charge are agreement-specific. Data provided by other producers are subject to their terms of use. In the statistics database, the data producer is indicated in the “About table” menu. More information is presented in the statistics database’s instructions.