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Number of farms engaged in direct sales and processing of food

Updated 12.10.2022

In 2020, around 1 427 farms sold their own products directly to consumers. According to the Farm Structure Survey, the number of farms selling agricultural products directly has increased in the 2000s, when direct sales of unprocessed products are included. According to data from the Luke's Farm Structure Survey, 1 190 farms were engaged in direct sales in 2016.

The most common field of food manufacture at farms is the processing of vegetables, root vegetables and berries. Meat and bakery products are also processed. According to the Farm Structure Survey, 652 farms were engaged in further processing of agricultural products in 2020. The number may include farms processing agricultural products other than foodstuffs. The number of holdings engaged in further processing decreased from 2016. In 2016, 1 170 farms were engaged in further processing, according to the Farm Structure Survey.

When applying for agricultural subsidies, farmers are asked about their engagement in direct sales in primary production. According to that information obtained, the number of farms engaged in direct sales has increased in recent years. According to that data, in 2016 there were 2,674 farms and 3,046 farms in 2020 engaged in direct sales.

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Description of the indicator

This indicator represents the development of direct sales by farms, demand for local products, the processing of food products at farms and the development of processing operations.

The indicator data is obtained from Luke's Farm Structure Survey.

This is one of the national impact indicators of the 2014–2020 Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland.

The next Farm Structure Survey will be carried out in 2023 and the results will be published in 2024.