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About cookies

We will request your consent to using cookies when you access the online service. You can change your consent through the “Cookie settings” link at the bottom of each page.

Cookies are small text files that the browser saves on the website user’s device. Cookies do not harm users’ computers or files.

They enable any selections made by each user, such as the language, to be preserved when the user moves from one page to another on a website. Using cookies, we can play embedded YouTube videos or other content located in third-party services on our website.

Necessary cookies

Some cookies are essential for the website to work as intended. Necessary cookies are used on pages where users make selections, such as in the news archive. Necessary cookies cannot be disabled.

Statistical cookies

Using statistics cookies, we collect information on the use of our online service and user satisfaction. We use this information to develop our website.

We use Google Analytics to collect the following general statistics:

  • accessed pages
  • date and time of each visit
  • the search terms used
  • the browser used

Using the React & Share system, we request users to evaluate the usefulness of the website’s content using a page-specific feedback feature.

Cookies are anonymous in both Google Analytics and React & Share, and no users can be identified on the basis of them.

Data in the React & Share tool is owned by Luke, and it can only be used by Luke. Third parties cannot use or disclose it.

Preferences cookies

Some pages use third-party applications to present content. When loading pages, these applications may set cookies in users’ browsers to transmit data to third parties.

Third-party applications are used for embedded videos, statistical graphs, subscription forms or audio files, and they cannot be used unless preferences cookies are accepted.

Third-party terms of use and other third-party terms and conditions apply to third-party applications.

  • Videos played on the website use the YouTube application.
  • Audio files (podcasts) played on the website use the SoundCloud application.
  • Statistical graphs presented on the website use the PXWeb application.

Marketing cookies

We use marketing cookies in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing tool. They help us target marketing at our newsletter subscribers according to their areas of interest.