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Agricultural factor income

Updated 18.1.2023

Changes in factor income have been presented in relation to year 2005=100 (orange curve) and in relation to the previous year (blue curve). Compared with 2005, factor income per agricultural income was at its highest in 2010 when the index value was 123.7. Ever since, the index value has gone alternately downwards or upwards. The lowest values were in 2015 when the index value was 84.0. In 2019 the index value was 111.7.

Agricultural factor income

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Description of the indicator

The index of real factor income per agricultural entrepreneur is calculated by deducting intermediate consumption, the consumption of fixed assets and product taxes from total agricultural income at basic prices and by adding other production subsidies. The resulting figure is divided by the total annual work unit in agriculture. Factor income represents the amount of compensation received for the average annual work unit and corresponding capital.

Eurostat calculates indicator data on the basis of the source material produced by Statistics Finland. The total annual work unit on farms is obtained from Luke's employment statistics.

The indicator of factor income is one of the CAP impact indicators.

The indicator will next be updated in spring 2023.