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Jokioinen livestock research infrastructure

The research infrastructure of Jokioinen Livestock Research includes, in addition to the research barn, a multifunctional livestock research facility and a biogas plant. The research barn has about 125 cows. The Jokioinen research infrastructure includes a modelling environment for the milk and feed production chain. Research in Jokioinen includes genetically sustainable dairy production, livestock production research, animal nutrition and welfare, and the environmental impact of farm animals.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen / Luke.

Research barn

  • 125 farm animals
  • CowLab: individual animal tracking and tracing system, feed monitoring, production monitoring
  • metabolic chambers: system for measuring methane production in farm animals
  • feed preparation equipment
  • individual physiology and health measurement systems for farm animals
  • animal handling and processing facilities
  • embryo processing room 
  • manure removal equipment
  • drying equipment

Multifunctional research space for livestock

  • Animal research environment for various farm animals: research equipment, feeding and production systems.
  • For small-scale pig and poultry research.

Biogas plant and new energy solutions

  • To be completed in the autumn of 2023 next to the Minkiö research barn. 
    Potential to produce both renewable energy and recycled fertiliser products from under-utilised biomass and by-products. 
    Based on wet anaerobic digestion technology.
     Plant reactor size 1100 m3.
    The energy produced is recovered as heat and electricity.
    Possibility of separating the digestate with both a screw compactor and a decanter centrifuge.
Photo: Johanna Laakso / Luke.


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