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Aquaculture and water economy

Luke’s expertise covers the entire aquaculture process from feasibility studies to development of the actual fish farm. Furthermore, with years of experience in selective fish breeding, we can provide you with healthier and rapidly growing fish material.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen

Sustainability and efficiency in water and nutrient economy

Luke can help you make the use of water resources more sustainable and efficient. Our strength is the multidisciplinary approach in solving water and nutrient economy challenges. Based on high technical know-how, the research focuses on substantial water resources and aquatic biomasses.

Recirculation aquaculture systems and technologies

Recirculation aquaculture systems for high-value species lowers the nutrient impact on the nature, reduces water consumption, enables market-friendly timing of harvest, and improves profitability. Luke provides system knowledge and experimental facilities for scientific and commercial use.

Genetically improved fish material by patented selective breeding

The selective breeding developed by Luke scientists  enables you to improve the quality of aquacultured fish as well as increase productivity. You can purchase the entire selective breeding programme or broodstock groups produced according to patented KING principles. Expertise and education in broodstock management are also available.

Aquaculture system planning, training and evaluation

Luke provides expertise for planning and installing new aquaculture systems as well as for re-modelling and up-dating existing systems for more efficient and sustainable production. We also offer training, which is an important part of starting or updating aquaculture production.


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