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Haapastensyrjä research infrastructure

Haapastensyrjä is known as a center for Finnish forestry, where domestic tree species and berry crops are researched and cultivated. Haapastensyrjä has forest tree improvement research platforms and tree nurseries, as well as nurseries and substrates previously maintained in Laukaa for genetic resources. There are research opportunities for both environmental chemistry and trait genetics.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen.

In Haapastensyrjä, methods of seedling, graft and seed production are being developed as a part of genetic improvement. Tree improvement ensures the availability of high quality and diverse seed for forestry throughout the country. The greenhouses will are used for the tree improvement programme, as well as for the maintenance of forest genetic resources and graft production.

Clean facilities

  • controlled indoor grow rooms
    • 3 pcs
    • 34 m²
  • Temperature, light cycle and humidity can be controlled.
  • Research greenhouses
    • 5 compartments
    • cold storage container 640 m²
  • Plant micropropagation laboratory


  • Controlled indoor grow rooms
    • 64 m²
    • Temperature, light cycle and humidity can be controlled.
  • Plastic rooms
    • 7 units
    • 11 380 m²
    • The plant cutting room only one of its kind in Finland.
  • Cultivation tunnels for grafts
    • 3 pcs.
    • 3 000 m²
  • Outdoor nurseries for experimental seedlings, grafts and stock plant cuttings
    • 24 000 m²
  • Seed laboratory
    • Extracting station: drying, cleaning and storage of cones, pollen and plant parts
    • Germination of seeds and pollen
    • Separation of soil particles, 3 pieces of equipment

Area of research

  • Forestry, statutory service
  • Graft production for seed orchards
  • Certified horticultural seedling production and maintenance of pre-basic mother plants
  • Plant genetic resources and cryopreservation
  • Soil biota