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Laukaa research infrastructure

The modernization of the research infrastructure in Laukaa was completed in 2022. Four new halls with equipment will allow high quality aquaculture research and a selective breeding programme to coexist in Laukaa.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen / Luke's photo archive

Laukaa's research infrastructure is located in central Finland.  Water for the infrastructure comes from the upper, very good quality Lake Peurunkajärvi, which is also slightly regulated for water intake. The main area of operation is the river basin districts of southern Finland, apart from the Vuoksi river basin. On the coast, the area extends from the Gulf of Finland to the Kvarken.

Research on recirculating aquaculture is being carried out in Laukaa. The recirculation infrastructure consists of a large recirculation unit, where all fishtanks share a common water treatment technology, and a recirculation research and learning environment with 10 separate recirculation units. These units are miniature models of an independently operating recirculation plant with their own water treatment system. In addition, there is a recirculation unit, where the effluent is discharged into outdoor water treatment fields, from which the purified water can be recycled back into the recirculation unit. Innovative mobile recirculation solutions are also being piloted.

In Laukaa, the endangered stocks of valuable fish in the area are preserved and their eggs and fry are produced for further cultivation and stock recovery. The main products are roe and fry, most of which are delivered to private fish farms and ponds for further rearing. The Fish health service of the Finnish Food Authority classifies the plant as P1 (roe and fry can be safely supplied throughout the country).

In addition to being a living genetic resource  of valuable fish stocks, the Laukaa facility is particularly known for its research on fish farming methods and new species of food fish. One of the main objectives is to improve the competitiveness of domestic companies.


  • Circulation systems, RAS = Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.
  • Used for the development and research of recirculating water systems.
  • RAS container, tanks, control system, drainage system.

Aquaculture facility

  • A freshwater plant.
  • Flow rate at flow-through 400 l/s (permit for 300-550 l/s).
  • Fish species include rainbow trout, migratory and planktonic whitefish, salmon, sea and lake trout.
  • Photoperiodic adjustment possible.
  • A facility certified P1 by the Finnish Food Authority’s fish health service.
  • Hall 1: 240 family rearing tanks, 20 further rearing tanks and four broodstock ytanks The hall has versatile water heating, cooling and purification systems.
  • Hall 2: 36 tanks of different sizes with water purification systems for further rearing of fish.
  • Hall 3: a broodstock hall
  • Hall 4: a broodstock hall
  • Modern robotic and individual feeding systems as well as heating, cooling and cleaning systems.
  • Plant watering systems, regulating equipment, tank systems, feeding systems, fish handling equipment, tagging equipment.
Photo: Katja Mentula / Luke.

Area of research

  • combined recirculation and offshore cultivation
  • fish growth and quality management in recirculating aquaculture
  • water quality management in recirculating aquaculture
  • passive water treatment of wastewater
  • fish selection breeding programme

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