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Smart land use

The land-use sector sequesters carbon in forests and fields, but it is also a source of emissions, particularly in drained peatlands. Our research produces climate and water-smart solutions optimal for agriculture and forestry. It is vital to ensure ecological, social, and economic sustainability as we apply new management practices such as paludiculture, catch crops, and the regulation of groundwater levels.

Goals of the ‘Smart land use’ research area

  • Towards climate and water-smart land-use planning. Developing tools and software that account for emissions into waterbodies and the atmosphere in a manner that is optimal in terms of land use, and enable the evaluation of the long-term effects of various policy options.
  • Control of negative land-use impacts on the environment. Producing solutions for reducing the environmental impacts of agriculture and forestry.
  • Carrying out climate measures in agriculture and forestry that cut emissions cost-effectively. Optimising different aspects of sustainability in measures aiming to mitigate climate change.

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