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Working in Luke


What Luke’s employees have in common are friendliness, curiosity and the will to have a positive impact on the world. On this basis, we are building a cheerful and respectful culture in which everyone’s input is appreciated. We also need expertise from outside natural sciences to produce research data. Here, you can work not only as a researcher, but also in various positions such as an HR specialist, communication officer or software developer.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen

Values guide our work at Luke

No matter what the position is, everyone looking for a job at Luke share the will to do meaningful work – and our common goals. Luke’s values are sustainability and responsibility, research data, courage, cooperation, and openness.

“People want to work at Luke because of their interest in research, data and meaningful work. Luke is a place where people can do work that has an impact on the future and Finnish society.” – Tuija Heikkinen, Vice President of HR, Luke

Sense of togetherness at Luke

Our work is based on close cooperation. We want to be a modern workplace where employees participate in the development of the working culture. At Luke, work is carried out in multiple locations, and the sense of togetherness and trust are the cornerstones of our working community.

Intercultural Community (IC) – an engaging multicultural working community

Internationalisation is a growing part of daily activities at Luke, and we also want to provide the best possible support for international professionals. The goal of Luke’s Intercultural Community (IC) is to make Luke’s international employees feel at home and help them integrate into Luke and life in Finland by providing communal activities for everyone coming from inside and outside Finland. The purpose of IC is to strengthen the sense of togetherness among Luke’s employees and increase their understanding of different cultures and habits. IC activities are linked to professional and social themes. IC offers opportunities to demonstrate research topics in a multi-disciplinary research environment and to gain new cultural experiences while working.

Early Career Community (EC) – a community for researchers taking the first steps in their careers

Luke’s Early Career (EC) community believes that “Science is one of the most effective ways to change the world!” The EC community consists of doctoral students, postdoc researchers and other specialists who are taking the first steps in their careers in research. Its goal is to increase networking and awareness of postdocs and other young researchers and research professionals at Luke, gain understanding and knowledge, identify development needs, and advance concrete cooperation and career plans. The EC community was established in 2018.

It is important to us that every employee feels part of our Luke community – be they seasoned veterans or new international talents. Skilled employees and an encouraging organisation are our assets. To ensure smooth cooperation and the sense of togetherness, we follow a shared set of rules.

We support your work

We focus on the wellbeing of our personnel and the continuous development of their competence. Here, you can work in multiple locations across Finland, if your tasks make it possible. Our working hours are flexible, and we want to provide Luke’s employees with the opportunity to coordinate their work and leisure as they see best.

We also believe in continuous learning and the development of personal skills. We provide our employees with training opportunities. Furthermore, we ensure that everyone has meaningful tasks, support from the working community and the opportunity to have an impact on the development of their skills. Come and work with us!

Contact our recruitment team

How to submit an open application to Luke

Please give priority to applying for Luke vacancies. We publish all our vacancies on and For open job advertisements, you should always send a targeted application for the job advertisement in question.

If you want to submit an open application, please tell us what kind of jobs you are interested in and what skills and work experience you have. If you would like to submit an open application for a research position, please indicate the research area(s) and the unit/group you would be interested in working for. Please include your CV and a letter of application. You can submit your open application electronically to Luke's office,

We keep open applications for 6 months.