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Production costs of agricultural products per unit

Updated 30.9.2015

The unit costs of milk, wheat, barley, oat and rye have increased in recent years.

Production costs in Finland are high due to Finland's location in the north, the small farm size, low crop volumes and unfavourable input price development.

Unit costs in agricultural production, EUR/kg

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Description of the indicator

Unit costs, or production costs per product unit, are an indicator that affects profitability. Product-specific unit costs can be calculated by allocating all cost items of each enterprise to all products of each farm. Using these allocated cost items, product-specific costs can be summed up, and these sums can be divided by the production volume of each product.

Luke produces this indicator data from enterprise-specific profitability accounting material using the unit cost accounting system.

This is one of the national impact indicators of the 2014–2020 Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland.