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SDG 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Our goal is to develop research-based solutions to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. The circular bioeconomy enables the wise and sustainable use of renewable resources and raw materials. New business opportunities and regional activities can be created by optimising different material flows and using primary and secondary flows more efficiently.

Through research, we can simultaneously ensure security of supply and enable a green transition in a changing environment. For example, in the transformation of the energy and food system, it is crucial to ensure the sustainability of consumption and production patterns in the short and long term.

In a synthesis report published in 2022, we identified new logistical solutions to improve the cost and environmental efficiency and security of supply of the circular bioeconomy. The use of fossil raw materials is the largest contributor to global warming. An important sustainability shift is therefore to replace fossil raw materials with bio-based materials. Renewable biomass can replace some of the fossil raw materials used in the production of energy, fuels, chemicals and materials.

In this section, we present different options for replacing fossil plastics with wood-based materials.

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