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Technologies for future plantbased food industry

In order to realize the vision of resource-efficient processing of biomasses, we need new technologies to process food industry sidestreams. Natural Resource Institute’s know-how with this technology and new plantbased food innovations are the key to this challenge. ​

Luke’s expertise in circular bioeconomy, side streams and new foods from plant-based ingredients is showcased in FoodEx Japan 2023 event in Tokyo from 7th to 10th March. Welcome to read more!

Leading expertise of biobased side streams into value added products

Luke is a leading expert in recognizing underutilized biobased side streams and using cascade processing technologies for exploiting them. In cascade processing, different value components and bioproducts are separated from the raw material. The entire biomass can be fully utilized into value added products, nutrients and energy, while avoiding the creation of new unused by-products.
Herneitä, kikherneitä ja härkäpapuja liottumassa mitta-astioissa.

Our technology

New plantbased innovations give us possibilities to bring new products and way of producing plantbased food to the markets. Our goal is to sustainably use underutilised sidestreams into healthy and environment friendly food.
Broad bean.
Fermented foods are currently a big trend not only in grocery stores and home kitchens - but also in food system research. As researchers we are interested in fermentation because we see it as one of the sustainable processing technologies that can modify the nutrient content of food to a more easily utilisable form for humans.
Härkäpapuja paperikassissa kuvattuna ylhäältä päin.

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