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Career in Luke

We aim to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and contribute to the well-being of the environment, people and society. Do you want to join us in building a sustainable future? Check our vacancies and see what working at Luke looks like!

Natural Resources Institute Finland is the most wanted workplace for science students

We achieved first place among science students as the most desirable place to work in Finland in 2023! The survey commissioned by Universum votes every year for the most desirable jobs in Finland. This year, 13 424 students in Finland responded to the student survey. Respondents were asked to tell us about the qualities they find attractive in a potential employer and who they consider to be their ideal employer.
Universumin myöntämä tunnustus, jonka Luke on saanut vuodelta 2023. Luke oli luonnontieteiden alan opiskelijoiden halutuin työpaikka vuonna 2023.