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Enonkoski research infrastructure

The Enonkoski office is located on the shores of Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland and the largest lake in the Vuoksi river basin, in South Savo, in the habitat of endangered salmon fish and the Saimaa ringed seal.  The main area of operation is the Vuoksi river basin and a few smaller river basins that flow eastwards across the national border.  It covers almost 11 000 km2, more than a third of Finland's inland waters.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen / Luken arkisto.

Enonkoski infrastructure plays an important role in the conservation of endangered stocks of valuable fish: landlocked salmon (Vuoksi river basin), brown trout (Vuoksi river basin, Heinävesi route), Saimaa arctic char (Kuolimo) and plankton whitefish (Koitajoki).

Aquaculture maintains the genetic diversity of valuable fish species in the area and produces roe for further rearing. The research will examine methods to ensure the conservation of these valuable fish in the wild.

The location of the Enonkoski site in the middle of the country's most important inland commercial fishing area is also advantageous for monitoring inland fish stocks. Communication and monitoring of professional fishing of vendace from here is easy and natural. There are plenty of fish stock sites to monitor in the surrounding area related to water management. Here, research is being carried out in key areas of the Saimaa ringed seal's habitat to reconcile fishing and seal conservation, among other things.

Aquaculture facility

  • Spawn production hall (incl. isolation department)
  • Fry production hall
  • Broodstock hall 
  • The facility’s drain systems, regulation devices, tank systems, automatic individual feeding system, devices for fish processing, equipment for marking.
  • Fresh water aquaculture facility
  • Two separate lake districts used for draining
  • Maximum flow rate 700l/s (operation permit 670-870 l/s)
  • Fish stock (including broodstock shoals) represents many age groups and species of fish: landlocked salmon (Vuoksi river basin), brown trout (Vuoksi river basin, Heinävesi route), Saimaa arctic char (Kuolimo), plankton whitefish (Koitajoki) and selectively bred whitefish and rainbow trout.
  • Multiple types of tanks are used for farming from families to broodstock.
  • A facility certified P0 by the Finnish Food Authority’s fish health service.

Areas of research

  • The extremely endangered and endangered fish populations of Saimaa
  • Work related to water management
  • Vendace monitoring


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