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Keminmaa research infrastructure

Keminmaa's infrastructure covers the rivers flowing into the Bothnian bay. Its main tasks are the recovery of genetic resources from fish stocks in the area, the farming of river lamprey and the quarantine hatching of roe.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen / Luken kuva-arkisto.

The Keminmaa aquaculture facility is a freshwater farm that focuses mainly on the establishment of broodstock of marine fish stocks for the Taivalkoski aquaculture facility and the procurement of roe for further rearing for fisheries obligations. These stocks include the highly endangered sea-spawning grayling, various salmon and migratory whitefish stocks. There is no restriction on the flow of the facility intake upstream of the Isohaara power plant.

Keminmaa farms salmon, sea trout, lake trout, river trout, migratory whitefish, grayling and lamprey. For salmon, the development of the M74 status is monitored. Fisheries research will focus on monitoring salmon stocks in the river Simojoki and migratory whitefish stocks in the Bothnian bay.

Aquaculture facility

The Keminmaa aquaculture facility is a freshwater farm. There are no restrictions on the water intake of the plant upstream of the Isohaara power plant. The focus is mainly on the provision of eggs for marine fish stocks and the establishment of flocks of broodstock in Taivalkoski. Species include extremely endangered mullet, salmon and migratory whitefish. Classified as a P1 establishment by the Finnish Food Authority's Fish Health Service. 

  • Spawn production hall (incl. isolation department)
  • Fry production hall
  • Broodstock hall + outdoor pools

The monitoring platform of the Bothnian bay

  • catching and quarantine facilities for broodstock
  • vessels, smolt nets, nets, fishing gear, snowmobiles

Areas of research

  • Procurement of broodstock and roe production
  • Monitoring salmon and migratory whitefish stocks


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