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Profitable and responsible primary production

The use of fields, forests, and waters is subject to new and increasingly demanding needs. The research programme’s challenge is to solve how to increase the profitability of food and raw material production in primary production and respond to market demand, and simultaneously ensure the mitigation of climate and environmental impacts.

The programme offers solutions for:

  • The diversification and renewal of primary production to enable a sustainable change.
  • The development and adoption of technologies in primary production and its value chains, aiming for the breakthrough of a sustainable precision bioeconomy.
  • A sustainable increase in the level of primary production without a need to increase inputs.


What do we find important?

The research programme investigates how to produce food, wood, and other raw materials from natural resources in Finland in an increasingly profitable, sustainable, and acceptable manner.
The logo of Luke's "Profitable and responsible primary production" programme

Research areas

Profitable and responsible primary production operates in five research areas, of which Policy Guidance as well as Genetics and Breeding are common to all of the research areas. For up-to-date perspectives, publications, and information on on-going projects, go to the research areas’ pages. 

Stakeholder Advisory Board

The research programmes’ Stakeholder Advisory Boards represent Luke’s key stakeholders and customers. The Stakeholder Advisory Boards convene once or twice a year to discuss the development needs and results of their respective research programmes.

  • Juuso Joona, Tyynelä Farm
  • Tuomo Kauranne, Arbonaut Oy Ltd
  • Sami Kurki, Ruralia Institute
  • Marko Mäki-Hakola,The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)
  • Tommi Mäkinen, Finnforel Oy
  • Karoliina Niemi, The Finnish Forest Industries Federation
  • Annika Nordin, Stora Enso Oyj
  • Sari Peltonen, ProAgria
  • Mai Suominen, WWF Finland

Programme director

Come work for us!

Luke aims to find solutions to big global changes, such as climate change. In the video, our researchers talk about their work.