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Employment in rural areas

Updated 25.4.2019

In recent years the employment has improved in all areas classified according to population density both in Finland and EU areas. There is a similar trend in groups of people of 15–64 years and people of 20–64 years. Among the group of people of 20–64 years, the employment rate is approximately 77 per cent in thinly populated areas, and 76 both in intermediate and densely populated areas in 2018. The average employment rate in all areas among this age group is 76 per cent and that among people of 15–64 years is 72 per cent. In EU areas, these rates are 73 and 69. per cent respectively. The employment rate of women in areas with a different population density in Finland is approximately 2-6 per cent lower than among men, while the difference is more than 10 per cent in the EU.

In Finland, the population and the number of employed people have decreased in both age groups in thinly populated and intermediate areas, while it has increased in densely populated areas. There has been a slight increase in whole-country figures of employed people.

Employed people in rural areas

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Description of the indicator

This indicator serves to analyse the regional and sector-specific development of employment. This indicator presents the employment rate among people of 15–64 and 20–64 years of age.

Statistics Finland produces this indicator data.

This indicator is one of the CAP impact indicators.

The indicator will next be updated in spring 2022.

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