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Inari research infrastructure

Inari Infrastructure is the northernmost fish farm in the European Union and its area of operation in Sámi territory is bordered by Norway in the West and North and Russia in the East. It is located on the banks of the river Juutuanjoki in the Paatsjoki river basin, which flows into the Arctic Ocean.

Electric fishing on the Juutuanjoki River in Inari. Photo: Katja Tähjä / Luke. Photo: Katja Tähjä / Luke

Inari’s main tasks are the conservation of regionally valuable fish stocks and the management of the fishery obligation for the regulation of Lake Inari. The main products are roe and reared fry for stocking Lake Inari and surrounding waters. Broodstock farming includes brown trout (River Ivalojoki, River Juutuajoki, River Siuttajoki), Arctic char (Lake Inari) and bottom whitefish (River Ivalojoki) from local species and stocks. Broodstock are regularly replenished from the wild.

In Inari, the research focuses on monitoring and improving the effectiveness of the planting obligation. All three planting species reproduce naturally in the area, which is why 100% tagging of the planting stock is the cornerstone of the research. Various experimental studies that aim to improve the effectiveness of planting are ongoing. Research covers the entire life cycle of fish, from fry to spawning stock. In addition to the core activities, research has included studies on the genetic diversity of trout stocks in collaboration with the University of Turku. 

Aquaculture facility

  • Spawn hall, fry hall, broodstock hall
  • 154 farming tanks.
  • 10 natural food ponds, 203 hectares in total.
  • A freshwater plant, water comes mainly from the Juutuanjoki river.
  • Starting in 2021, continuous steady supply of cool groundwater (max 9 l/s) to the plant, efficient recirculation of farming water to the ponds in microfiltered and aerated form, limited diversion of raw water from the river Juutuanjoki to the system, and controlled discharge from the system. Cooling mainly targeted at heat-sensitive fish species (e.g., Arctic char).
  • Maximum flow rate in the throughflow is 650 l/s.
  • The fish species to be reared represent all stages of fish development and several different age groups: Inari char, several trout stocks from rivers flowing into the Inari, and bottom whitefish.
  • A facility certified P1 by the Finnish Food Authority’s fish health service. 
  • Watering systems, regulating equipment, tank systems, feeding systems, fish handling equipment, tagging equipment.

Lake Inari

  • Boats for stocking and sampling, snowmobiles and fishing gear.

Areas of research

  • Monitoring research of fisheries obligations 
  • Recreational fishing
  • Water management implementation
  • Vendace monitoring


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