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Fermented pulses as healthy and nutritious plant-based protein sources

Interest in plant-based foods as well as fermentation has increased in recent years for reasons including environmental concerns, health consciousness, nutritional needs, sensory issues and safety. In SIMBA, we have responded to this demand by applying microbial technologies to help produce easily used, plant-based foods with improved nutrient content.

In SIMBA microbial fermentation is harnessed to enhance the digestibility and flavour of various pulse-based protein-rich food matrices. Fermentation helps break down nutrients in food, making them easier to digest. New fermented food product concepts include a fresh porridge-type faba bean-oat product, a pea-based yoghurt-type snack product and a lentil-based fresh cheese-like product.

SIMBA (Sustainable Innovation of Microbiome Applications in Food System) is a European innovation project, funded through Horizon 2020, which provides a holistic and innovative approach to the development of microbial solutions to increase food and nutrition security, in particular focusing on the identification of viable land and aquatic microbiomes that can assist in the sustainability of European agro- and aquaculture.

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