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Presentation of Luke

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research organisation operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland. Luke’s task is to promote competitive business based on the sustainable use of renewable natural resources, as well as wellbeing and the vitality of the countryside.

Luke employs some 1,300 people. We operate in 24 locations in Finland and our headquarter is in Helsinki. Luke's President and CEO is Johanna Buchert. 


Luke resolves challenges in the sustainable and profitable use of renewable natural resources in four phenomenon-based research programmes. Every year, Luke has more than 700 research projects in progress, roughly 100 of which are EU projects. In 2021, Luke’s researchers published more than 700 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Research accounts for approximately 70 per cent of Luke’s activities.

In addition to research activities, Luke has statutory duties, and it compiles Finland’s official food and natural resources statistics.

Luke’s activities are guided by Luke’s strategy and the performance agreement signed annually with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland. Luke’s official duties are defined in EU and national regulations. In addition, the Statistics Act and statistical practices guide Luke’s statistical activities.

Luke’s operating policy is based on Luke’s Code of Conduct and values.

In all its research activities, Luke is committed to the guidelines for the responsible conduct of research issued by the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK).


In 2021, Luke’s total budget was roughly EUR 133 million. State budget funding allocated through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland accounted for EUR 78 million (59 per cent of funding), while project funding obtained from other sources made up EUR 45 million (34 per cent). Funding formed by projects carried out with companies amounted to EUR 8 million and in addition there were EUR 2 million other incomes.


Luke employs some 1,300 people, half of whom are researchers and the other half are specialists, employees who provide support for research, and managers. Men and women are represented equally. In 2019, the total job satisfaction index was 3.82 at Luke, which is clearly above the 2019 average in central government.


Luke has 22 locations in Finland, plus two research cooperation sites. Luke’s head office is located in Viikki, Helsinki.


Luke is responsible for the operation of several networks.


Luke was established on 1 January 2015 as a result of the merger of the Agricultural Research Centre of Finland (MTT), the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (RKTL), and the statistics services of Tike, the information centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.