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Biomasses and energy

Luke offers bespoke solutions and services based on holistic understanding of biomass value chains. Our expertise covers biomass production, harvesting and transportation, biorefineries, biomass valorisation and nutrient recycling.

Photo: Eetu Ahanen

Regional biomass availability and costs of supply

Luke’s specialists can canvass opportunities and restrictions of biomass supply in your region. Our services and solutions provide information on availability of biomass feedstocks and their feasibility for siting biorefineries or energy production. Our offering includes, for example, services on assessment of regional biomass feedstocks availability and costs of feedstock at plant and the best logistical solution for supply.

Optimisation of nutrient cycles and recovery as a part of the entire biomass valorisation chain plays an essential role in our work as well. Our data sets and expertise cover a wide range of different biomass types including forest biomass (saw logs, pulpwood, by-products of saw milling and forest chips), straw, silage, other plant waste and manure.

Greener industrial symbioses

Greener industrial symbioses focus on improvement of environmental and economic performance of regional biobased industrial systems. The work is done through the exchange of biomass based by-products and information and shared use of utilities and services between companies.

Luke offers material flows, sustainability assessment and techno-economic feasibility evaluation of biobased symbiotic solutions. Furthermore, we support our customers’ business by planning and designing novel industrial symbiotic solutions and development work of industrial symbiosis inside the bioeconomy. Examples of novel greener industrial symbiosis include a combination of a pulp mill, insect production and fish farming as well as urban plant factories based on industrial excess heat.

Sustainability assessment

Luke provides environmental and sustainability assessments of biomass sourcing, valorisation options and systems for companies and decision makers. Our high-quality services for assessment of material flows, efficiency and sustainability help companies to optimise valorisation of biomass from sustainability point of view.

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