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Research infrastructures

Luke's diverse research infrastructures have been built up alongside decades of research work. In particular, suitable frameworks for experimental research on renewable natural resources are widely available throughout Finland.

Research infrastructures include large-scale research facilities and equipment, data resources (collections, archives and scientific data), e-infrastructures (data and information management systems and communication networks) and all the tools needed for high-quality research and innovation.

Greenhouses, research fields, research barns, aquaculture farms, research forests, laboratories and a biobank serve a wide range of research needs, remotely, virtually and on-site. We are also part of the distributed European research infrastructure AnaEE (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems), coordinated by Luke in Finland.

Research and development work always provides new knowledge and develops infrastructures. In the near future, Luke will open its research infrastructure services to all research institutes, universities, companies and educational institutions.