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Jokioinen plant production research infrastructure

Jokiois has comprehensive research platforms for the bioeconomy and food system. The research involves strong fieldwork and laboratory expertise. Jokioinen has 860 ha of arable land. The research infrastructure in Jokioinen includes modelling environments for agricultural crop production areas. For example, research in agricultural technology, environmental research and crop production research can be carried out.

Photo: Olli Leino / Luke.

Test platform for smart farming

The 80 ha Smart Farming test platform (Smart Farming research and development platform) will combine the collection and storage of machine and environmental data on arable farming in a common database, still under development, throughout all the processes of arable farming. Modern ISOBUS-compatible machinery and equipment will enable research and testing of smart agriculture and its use for simulation, decision-making and production management. The Smart Farming research and development platform will make extensive and rapid use of emerging technologies to make agricultural and food production processes more profitable and productive, and more resource, environment and climate wise. At the same time, it will support the development of new business models and opportunities. The use of new agricultural technologies in arable farming will create new opportunities for research and testing, including the practical application of digitalisation and technology and the development of new equipment and applications.

  • Field area with smart farming equipment: ISOBUS systems, satellite tracking devices, weather stations, soilscouts 
  • 80 of experimental fields
  • Technological development and data collection in the field environment

Experimental fields for cultivation

  • Field production equipment: tractors, tillage devices, seed drills, threshers, mowers, fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers, crop mapping equipment and fertility meters for the cultivation and harvesting of test plots
  • 650 ha of cereal and grassland cultivation
  • Documentation of land use since the 1980s

Organic farming plots

  • Plots for organic farming

Biodiversity plot

  • Plot for biodiversity reasearch

Leaching fields

  • Four separate leaching fields 

Drainage field

  • Field hydrology research

Adjustable drainage field

  • Research platform on the climate and water impact of peat fields

Experimental platform for plant research

  • Greenhouses
  • Closed growing rooms
  • Colour sorter (incoming)
  • Environmental control devices

Research platform for carbon flows

  • eddy-covariance system (coming soon)
  • soil testing equipment
  • augers

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