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Welcome to Luke’s renewed web site!


The renewed site joins two previously separate services. also contains the food and natural resource statistics previously available in service.

Our aim has been to make the new web site as user-friendly and accessible as possible. The usability of the site on mobile devices has been important in the development because about fifty per cent of the visitors on the site use mobile devices.

The contents and the accessibility of the site are developed continuously.

Different sections of the site

  • In the Current section, you can find news, blog posts, statistic and monitoring publications, events, and podcasts.
  • In the Research section, Luke’s research programmes and research areas are featured more strongly and broadly than before. In this section, you can also find the new project pages and the publications and current content on linked to the project.
  • The Statistics section contains sixty food and natural resource statistics produced by Luke and the current releases regarding these statistics. We also share information about statistical surveys and data collections. Statistical content used to be on the separate site.
  • In the Service section, we describe the services we have to offer for commercial activity and businesses as well as our collaboration models. Here you can also find our customer references.
  • About Luke section provides information about Luke as an organization. Here you can also find, for example, information on career opportunities in Luke and available positions at Luke.
  • Contact information contains the pages of our experts and our contact information for different purposes.

You can move from one section to another by using the Menu or, for example, by using the links on the front page.

Search function is often a useful tool. You can filter the search by content type, topic, and other filters.