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Luke as a statistics compiler

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) produces and processes Finland’s statistics on food and natural resources. Luke publishes about a total of two hundred statistics publications annually from more than fifty different statistics.

Luke produces statistics on the following:

1) The structure of agriculture, production methods and inputs, agricultural, horticultural and livestock production, environmental effects of production, and the prices of agricultural products;

2) The commercial exploitation of forests, timber trade and markets, forest management and forest protection;

3) Fishing, aquaculture, fisheries and fishing product marketing; and                                                                            

4) Food safety and the balance sheet for food commodities.

Statistics are published according to the release calendar as soon as they are completed on this website.

Luke’s food and natural resources statistics support decision-making based on high-quality, impartial information and the development of the information society. Luke serves as one of Finland’s four statistics authorities.

Luke’s statistical programme

This programme includes the statistics, statistical surveys and services related to the statistical programme of the Natural Resources Institute Finland. The programme also presents key statistical development actions for the next few years. The statistical programme has been updated in June 2022. The statistical programme will be updated annually, and we use it as a framework when discussing with users over their needs for the development of statistics.