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River flows - Life goes


The aim of the RiverGo project is to safeguard the biodiversity and nature values of the River Vuoksi and its surroundings on the Finnish and Russian sides of the border while enabling sustainable utilisation of the nature of the River Vuoksi region.

To achieve this goal, the project will provide information on the nature of the River Vuoksi and surroundings, and the factors affecting it, as well as plans, recommendations and scenarios based on this information, to safeguard particularly the River Vuoksi salmonid stocks but also the other nature and nature values of the River Vuoksi and riversides and their sustainable utilisation. This objective is also supported by the practical measures employed by the project, such as river restorations. The project will also produce and utilise diverse materials and means to increase environmental awareness of the area’s inhabitants and tourists, especially young people, and to provide more opportunities for sustainable recreational activities in the area. The project will thus also benefit the tourism industry by increasing the attractiveness of the Vuoksi region. The project also supports the sustainable use of the River Vuoksi and its nature by promoting cross-border dialogue between the Russian and Finnish authorities. The project results are directly available to the authorities in regional planning and practices on both sides of the border.