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Luke’s Motti software predicts the future development of forests


What impact does silviculture have on the development of trees, the profitability of forestry and the volume of carbon sequestered by forests. The Motti software of the Natural Resources Institute Finland provides recommendations based on scientific research regarding, for example, whether remedial ditching is profitable in peatlands and what the consequences of delayed thinning are.

Photo: Erkki Oksanen

The Motti software is based on extensive land surveying data collected over decades. The software has been used to build tree development forecasts for the whole of Finland.

Motti supports forest owners, education and research

Motti software supports practical decision-making, information services, and education. It helps to demonstrate the impact of alternative forestry methods on wood production and finances.

Motti can also be used in research activities to produce analyses and to develop and test new models.

Separate Motti versions for education, research and forest owners – take a closer look!

  • Motti is intended for everyone who is interested in comparing all the different forestry methods (in Finnish and English).
  • OpeMotti is a free version of the Motti software customized for forest education. It is already used by more than 20 registered educational institutions!
  • SuojeluMotti is a tool for calculating remunerations for forest protection and examining the impact of forest protection on wood production and finances.
  • Customised Motti software solutions are also delivered to different forestry parties according to their specific needs. For example, different customer solutions have been built to improve the efficiency of wood production and to define the value of forest estates.

Contact us to talk more about how the Motti software can meet your specific needs!