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Luke as a research partner

The Natural Resources Institute of Finland (Luke) has extensive experience in national and international research collaboration and project management. We are highly successful in obtaining significant EU funding: currently we are involved in about 80 EU-funded projects, of which 13 are Luke-led Horizon projects. We are constantly looking for new partnerships to build effective consortia to apply for research funding in our strategically important research themes.

Luke is a reliable and respected consortium partner

Experienced project organisation
We have extensive experience in building strong consortia and writing convincing project proposals. We are also experienced participants and leaders of EU-funded research projects.
Extensive support services
Our Research Support Services provide the Luke-led EU-projects with expert support in project management and financing, data management as well as communication, dissemination and exploitation.
Monitoring data & research infrastructures
As the public authority for monitoring Finland's natural resources, we have extensive monitoring data that we can make available to research consortia. Our research infrastructures enable experimental research.
Interdisciplinary research
Our researchers’ broad expertise and interdisciplinary research on the sustainable use of natural resources are in line with the ambitious objectives of EU funding instruments.

News from the Natural Resources Institute Finland

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Research on biomass side streams in the laboratory.