Poultry and Pig Low-input and Organic production systems Welfare


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Objectives, impacts and benefits

The PPILOW project aims to co-construct through a multi-actor approach solutions to improve the welfare of poultry and pigs reared in organic and low-input outdoor farming systems. The PPILOW project involves all actors of the production chain from farmers to consumers, citizens, scientists and policy makers, when proposing and studying welfare improvement levers. PPILOW will provide a combination of practical solutions for welfare improvement that can be applied on a pan-European basis with specific adjustments depending on citizens expectations and the target market. It will cocreate with end-users welfare self-assessment tools, innovative breeding and rearing strategies and techniques for improving animal welfare by avoiding mutilations, the elimination of day-old layer male chicks, favouring positive behaviours, and improving health and robustness.This project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under grant N 816472.