Climate-smaRt Organic Cropping Systems


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Objectives, impacts and benefits

Aim is to provide information on the environmental sustainability of organic production and the ability to act as a climate smart solution through long-term experiments, modeling and life cycle assessment. The project will evaluate ways to increase crop yields, improve crop security and provide information on the cultivation method effects on soil carbon storage and greenhouse gas emissions. Life cycle assessment provides information on the climate and environmental impacts of organic products.

TP1 Modeling of yield and SOC on organic farming. The effects of climate change on yield levels and security, and the impact of different cultivation practices through agroecological simulation models. Analytical data of the long term field trials.
TP2 Life cycle assessment (LCA) of organic production and farm level scenarios (including carbon sequestration and ccotoxicity).
TP3 The project is presented in professional magazines and farmer project events, with online material.