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Luke and UNFCCC secretariat have signed a MoU in November 2021 to strengthen their collaboration and their response to the mandates given to UNFCCC secretariat to support the development of transparent and high quality national GHG inventories in developing countries. The collaboration will include a range of activities such as the development and dissemination of methods, tools and data in particular in the AFOLU sector, as well as capacity building of the  national GHG inventories in developing countries.

The first steps of the collaboration will be through a Horizon 2020 project Holisoils, coordinated by Luke. HoliSoils’ overall goal is to develop a harmonised soil monitoring framework and identify and test novel holistic soil management practices that will help to mitigate climate change, adapt forests to cope with climate change, and sustain provision of various ecosystem services essential for human livelihoods and well-being. The tools developed in Holisoils could be used in other UNFCCC projects in developing countries.

“This MoU gives us a solid ground for the collaboration with UNFCCC secretariat and it enables Luke and UNFCCC secretariat to develop GHG inventory systems. Luke has a strong expertise in GHG inventories and we are very much looking forward to contribute to the work UNFCCC secretariat is doing in developing countries”, says Luke’s Research Professor Raisa Mäkipää, who is coordinating the Holisoils project.