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Approximately 14,500 farms were engaged in other business activities in addition to agriculture and horticulture in 2020. The most common form of other business activities was agricultural contracting for external parties, with 6,600 farms being engaged in contracting.

The number of farms engaged in other business activities has increased by roughly 300 farms since 2016, when the previous statistics of other business activities were compiled.

“The relative share of farms engaged in other business activities has increased by three percentage points to 32 per cent,” says Jaana Kyyrä, senior statistician at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

In agriculture and horticulture, other business activities mean activities in which a farm’s machinery, buildings, areas or products are used. The management of a farm’s forests is not included in other business activities.

Other business activities employed 20,000 people

In 2020, other business activities employed a total of 20,500 people, of whom 10,600 were farmers and shareholders of enterprises. Other business activities employed 5,900 family members of farmers and 3,900 hired employees. Hired employees only include full-time employees, and the total number of people employed by other business activities is not comparable with previous results.

Most farms obtain more income from agriculture than from other business activities

Approximately 80 per cent of farms engaged in other business activities obtain a larger part of their total revenue from agriculture than from other business activities. On more than 40 per cent of all farms, other business activities account for less than ten per cent of their total revenue.

The 2020 agricultural survey collected data about other business activities

Data about other business activities in agriculture and horticulture was collected from nearly 13,000 farms during the 2020 agricultural survey. The collection of data ended in April 2021. Nearly 90 per cent of Finnish farmers responded to the survey. The agricultural survey forms the basis of five statistics. Preliminary results for the whole country will be published in 2021. They will be followed by the results of the living conditions of livestock in November. The final results will be published during the first half of 2022. The final results will

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