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The Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA) announced that six new organisations have joined its work to place nature and people at the heart of a global circular bioeconomy: Carpathia, Chantecaille, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Root Capital, Space for Giants and Woodbois. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has established the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance in 2020 to accelerate the transition to a circular bioeconomy that is climate neutral, inclusive and prospers in harmony with nature.

Luke strongly supports the activities of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance and shares the vision given in its founding document: The 10-Point Action Plan for a Circular Bioeconomy of Wellbeing. We assure that our goals are aligned with the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance aims and objectives.

The Alliance provides knowledge-informed support as well as a learning and networking platform to connect the dots between investors, companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations and local communities to advance the Circular Bioeconomy while restoring biodiversity globally.

Luke´s new programmes: Circular bioeconomy, Climate smart carbon cycle, Profitable and responsible primary production, Adaptive and resilient bioeconomy and Statutory and expert services are well aligned with the goals of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance. We aim to develop Circular Bioeconomy based on renewable resources, with efficient and sustainable use of biomass and its compounds and nutrients, creating new business opportunities and livelihoods. We also seek to safeguard biodiversity and diverse ecosystem services, and create opportunities for the future bioeconomy.

Luke aims to be accelerating the transformation to a global Circular Bioeconomy that prospers in harmony with nature through our active participation in the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance. The collaboration is getting tight and concrete, as the Director of the European Forest Institute (EFI) Marc Palahi acts as the Chair of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance. Palahi is also a member of Luke’s Circular Stakeholder Advisory Board, and there is a great opportunity for strategic and operative level collaboration for the coming years. Interested about Circular Africa opportunities? Join us for further discussions!

I’m delighted that one of EFI’s most important members and reference in Europe in bioeconomy related research is joining the CBA. Europe’s research organizations have also a responsibility to share their knowledge globally as the main societal challenges we face are of a global nature, comments Marc Palahi, Director of the European Forest Institute and Chair of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance.

Now Luke is one of the partners among UPM, Sappi, Cifor or World Economic Forum of the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance to contribute to our common goals for people and the planet. We are looking forward to the future collaboration!

Johanna Kohl
Director, Circular Research Programme