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The research professor (tenure track: associate or full professor level) in sustainable natural resources management focuses on integration of ecological, economic and socio-cultural sustainability to the use of renewable natural resources.

Sustainable natural resources management covers interactions between human, environmental and technological systems. It should provide solutions for complex issues in sustainable use of natural resources, such as climate change, biodiversity, water quality and land use. Sustainable natural resources management brings together global, national and local perspectives as well as knowledge co-creation originating from both natural and social sciences, aiming at new paradigmatic insights, policy measures and systemic solutions for the promotion of overall sustainability.

The research professor should be capable of applying appropriate quantitative and qualitative research methods in a multidisciplinary manner when analyzing core sustainability issues and interlinkages between them. The applicant should develop management concepts and tools for efficient combination of sustainability to the use of natural resources. Furthermore, the applicant should have experience in developing and applying sustainability indicators and to understand ecological, political and regulatory frameworks in sustainability. Solid background in appropriate social, ecological or environmental sciences is required. The candidate should also have understanding of bioeconomy and related business areas (e.g. forest industry, food industry, chemical industry, water management).

The position will be located at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), in one of its main campuses (Helsinki, Joensuu, Jokioinen or Oulu).

Employment type is full-time fixed term for 5 years, with a possibility of extension of another 5 year term where after the position can be permanent.

The research professor is expected to build strong international visibility, research project portfolio and team, and actively collaborate with academic and industrial stakeholders and engage partners in the active use of the research results.

More information about salary, applications etc. valtiolle.fi