Microbial biodiversity in Finnish rye sourdough







Sourdough rye bread is at the root of Finnish food culture, and the health benefits of rye bread derive from the sourdough as well as from cereal substrates. In order to better understand rye bread as a functional food we will study genetic diversity of rye landraces and sequence microbiota of Finnish rye sourdoughs. We will also study secondary metabolites and microbial dynamics in these sourdoughs.


WP1. Knowledge of Finnish sourdoughs and their origin, database of rye landraces used in bread making in Finland, Dec 2018
WP2. Dendrogram of Finnish rye landraces and traditional cultivars, summer 2019
WP3. Identifying the most common Lactobacillus species in Finnish sourdoughs, Spring 2020
WP4 Database of secondary metabolites in selected rye landraces including traditional cultivars and sourdoughs, knowledge of microbial dynamics, Summer 2020