A few words from Luke’s leaders

Mari Walls, President and CEO

“This year we have proceeded in building a network of partnerships in Europe. We started an exchange and mobility programme for scientists and are in the process of establishing targeted, programme-based co-operation with our European sister organisations.

We have also invested significantly in research infrastructure. The 3 million euro recirculation aquaculture system at the Laukaa experimental site will provide both research and a world-class, low-threshold facility for testing and developing new techniques and innovations for our business partners.”

Johanna Buchert, Executive Vice President, research

“In 2016 Luke’s research activities resulted in several publications in high-impact international journals like Science and Nature. Scientific excellence in our focus areas, forest bioeconomy and agricultural production, clearly benefit our customers in Finland and internationally. We have also participated actively in public discussions on bio-based economy on both national and EU levels, and sought to provide a scientific base to topical issues like forest biomass availability.”

Jutta Kauppi, Vice president, customer solutions

“This has been a year of sustainability. New emerging fields grew interest in investing and assessing economic and sustainable value in natural resources. Luke’s tools for measuring these key indicators have benefited investors, banks and other new business areas. We have also helped businesses in finding new components and side streams for bio-based industry. For example, excess heat can be integrated into greenhouses and fish farms. As an exceptionally multidisciplinary research institute we are well-equipped in building up these new industrial symbioses.”