TREES4FUTURE – kansainvälinen yhteistyö

TREES4FUTURE - kansainvälinen yhteistyö






Trees4Future (Designing Trees for the Future) is an Integrative European Research Infrastructure project (2011-2015)that aima to integrate, develop and improve major forest genetics and forestry research infrastructures. It will provide the wider European forestry research community with easy and comprehensive access to currently scattered sources of information (including genetic databanks, forest modelling tools and wood technology labs) and expertise. This will help forestry researchers and the European forestry sector to respond, in a sustainable manner, to increasing demands for wood products and services in a context of genetic adaptation and changing climatic conditions. It will create a new and better linked research infrastructure which will increase our knowledge about the adaptation of forests to climate change and tree characteristics suited for tailor-made wood supply - thus optimising the short- and long-term exploitation of forest resources. Trees4Future has 28 partner organisations from 13 European countries. Trees4Future aims to support forest research and help the European forestry and wood industries develop sustainable solutions for the future in the context of climate change, by improving and facilitating access to state-of-the-art research facilities throughout Europe. These include databanks, biobanks, models and decision-support systems, laboratories and other facilities. The Metla Punkaharju Unit offers acces to two infrastructures through Trees4Future: the vegetative propagation laboratory and the cryopreservation laboratory. Through this project the bookeeping of the accesses to Metla´s facilities is managed.