Building Capacity to Improve Safety in the Feed – Dairy chain, with Special Focus on Health Risks Associated with Biological Contaminants, phase 2

Safe Food Safe Dairy 2 Build






Overall objective is to build capacity to improve safety in the feed – dairy and maize value chains in respect to health risks associated with mycotoxin contamination in Kenya. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the University of Nairobi to mitigate the effects of the aflatoxin and fumonisin in maize and milk value chains by improving UoN’s laboratory testing services and regional cooperation in EAC and improving the Good Agricultural Practices of farmers.


Increased knowledge and innovations in use for mitigating the aflatoxins and fumonisins
contamination in maize and feed value chains

Maize, milk and their products with reduced aflatoxin and fumonisins levels