Malleja järjestettyjen spatiaalisten pistekuvioiden heterogeenisuudelle, kontekstuaalisuudelle ja itse-interaktiolle sekä sovelluksia eläinten liikkumisen analysointiin ja metsien inventointiin

ordSpat SA no 310072






The aims of the project are (1) to develop a generally applicable family of models for ordered spatial point patterns together with associated methods of statistical inference, and (2) to prove their usefulness by introducing and applying new models for (2a) the effects of memory and learning on animal movement, and (2b) detectability of individual trees in forest stands.

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The expected outputs of the project are (1) new models and methods that can be made operational in more applied projects, (2) approximately 16 scientific articles, and (3) freely and openly available computer codes for implementing the methods.