Improving calculation of NP excretion and fertiliser use statistics







This pilot study is aimed at improving A) the calculation protocol of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) excretion of the farm animals and B) the collection of fertiliser data, and the improved calculation protocols are used in calculating nutrient balances of Finnish agriculture.
In Finland, NP excretion of farm animals is currently calculated using animal feeding models by Jouni Nousiainen (Luke) both for gross nutrient balances (GNB) and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The models could be developed by more precise evaluation of nutrients retained in the whole animal body utilizing carcass composition information. This information can be a collected as a literature survey. The second objective to develop animal feeding models would be based on calculating the effect of annual and regional variation of NP concentrations in cereals and silage grass on animal NP excretion. The data of NP concentrations were collected in previous Eurostant funded project by former MTT Agrifood Research Centre in 2012-2013 (

Regarding fertiliser use statistics in Finland, our objective is to develop the regional quality of fertiliser sales data delivered by major (5–6) companies producing fertilisers or marketing imported inorganic fertilisers. The protocol for companies to deliver regional sales data will be developed based on meetings and further discussions with company representatives. The aim is to create a system that would produce regional sales data by equal quality from all companies and keeping the efforts needed by the companies as small as possible. The second objective is to validate the quality of regional inorganic fertiliser sales data against available data of fertiliser use in the farms. This validation will further improve the data quality of collected fertiliser sales as in previous Eurostat pilot study in 2008-2009, crop spesific fertiliser NP recommendations were used instead of actual farmer NP fertiliser information.