Measurement, monitoring and environmental assessment

MMEA Measurement, monitoring a






The aim of the Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment (MMEA) research program is to develop new technologies, methods, tools and services for environmental observation systems both in industrial processes and in the surrounding environment. The main components of the research are: 1) environmental information systems to monitor, evaluate and prove the environmental efficiency of various processes and products 2) interoperable environmental measurement system and 3) new online and remote sensing technologies. The project consortium has 45 members (33 industrial partners and 12 research institutes). MTT Agrifood Research Finland contributes on WP1: Interoperable measurement systems by developing data flows relevant to agricultural models and practices. In the project, we will 1) Develop a new mobile plant disease observation service to be utilized by farmers and advisory organization 2) Connect observations from “Maasää” real-time observation network of MTT and Finnish Environmental Institute to be delivered from MMEA platform and 3) Develop a pilot for plant disease pressure warning system in SOA environment, that can utilize standard interfaces for weather data access.