Microbiome analysis core expertise for Luke







1) Tausta ja tavoitteet

The objective for the funding period (2017) is to develop a common knowledge base for deep analysis of microbiomes within different research areas in Luke. We need standardised protocols, analysis pipelines and collection of core expertise to develop these further. This will be needed in the near future, as it is anticipated that both in the next round of Horizon2020 programme and Finnish Academy research programmes there will be several topics on analysis of microbiomes.

2, 3) tehtävät ja tuotokset:
WP1. Compilation of people and resources presently working on microbes and microbiomes in Luke. Workshop. Deliverable: 1) Report
WP2. Evaluation of future needs, gaps in resources (laboratory, computational). Deliverables: 2a) Report. 2b) Plan for needed actions
WP3. Testing of Nanopore desktop technology (Minion) for microbiome analysis. Deliverable: 3) Report on user experience on the applicability of the technology for microbiomes from various sources.
4) Vaikuttavuus ja käytäntöön vienti

The core facilities and expertise will enable Luke to participate in the forthcoming calls by H2020 and Finnish Academy
5) Asiakkaat
Luke researchers working with microbiomes