Ruokajätteen tilastoinnin kehittäminen ravitsemispalveluissa







HORESTAT project focus on the amount of food waste in private sector diners, a la carte restaurants, hotels and fast food restaurants. Resulted data would complement picture of the food waste situation in the hospitality and horeca sector.

Tavoitteet, vaikuttavuus ja hyödyt

Rigorous statistic methodology for food waste measurement, monitoring and recording in the horeca sector (more specifically at least for diners, hotels and fast food restaurants). Food waste results for a number of case studies from the horeca sector, a beginning for a comprehensive statistical database of food waste. This results are comparable and can be used to analyse the problems of the restaurants regarding food waste mitigation.

– Technical report: FW Monitoring method and terminology for horeca sector
– Data delivery: Piloting and testing the method
– Final methodological report