Maidontuotannon ympäristövaikutusten rajoittaminen: metaanintuotannon profilointi eläin- ja mikrobitasolla

GREENDAIRY Developing animal g






The main objectives of GREENDAIRY project are 1) to understand the role of animal genetics and nutrition in dairy system emissions 2) to identify environmental impact and efficiency traits and 3) to develop innovative, integrative and practical tools that help farmers improve productive efficiency while simultaneously addressing the environmental impact of dairy farming.


1. Generate realistic methane emission data from dairy systems at different stages of lactation for national inventory 2. Establish portable measurement techniques for methane measurement from individual cows 3. Quantify the size of genetic variation in dairy methane emission traits and genetic associations with production traits 4. Assess associations between feed efficiency and methane emission traits and 5. Develop breeding plans for mitigation of methane from dairy systems