Consumer learning to enhance the knowledge of products with geographical indications







Background In the EU, there are 1070 registered Geographic designations from 24 (out of 27) EU member countries and 3 from non?EU countries. The total´value of these products is over 15 billion Euros. GI are important for the European rural world, since they boost farmers´ income and maintain the population in less favored or remote areas. The innovative idea will be to valorize the uniqueness of GI products helping to “support farming communities that provide European citizens with quality, value and diversity of food produced sustainably”. Objective The aim of the project is enhance/encourage the knowledge of consumers from countries involved of the uniqueness and tipicity of products with quality seals (GI, PDO, etc.) in order to better promotion and product offering that result in the preservation of the traditional manufacture processes and in a sustainable production. Methodology The training approach will combine on the one hand meetings involving consumers, Workshops, etc. supporting by consumers associations and on the other hand, innovative techniques (interactive on?line platform, APPs for mobiles, etc.) consumers learn and appraise about the characteristics of those products so they can valorize them versus a regular product. Possible actions (to be contrasted/discussed further, these are ideas): ? Meetings and workshops at different stages of the project involving consumers, professionals, PDOs, etc. to exchange knowledge and experience before, during and after the ongoing project, improving links between producers and consumers, ? Creation of sheets with specifications and description of characteristics of selected PDO products, ? Creation of an interactive digital platform that let consumers consults information about selected PDO products (general and sensory information) to connect producers and consumers, ? Launching of guided tasting of selected PDO products consumers can learn to appraise the different sensory characteristics of products with quality seals, and they can know what to expect when they buy PDO products,