Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from organic forest soils: improved inventories and implications for sustainable management







Organic soils act as a key source or sink for all three main greenhouse gases (GHG: CO2, CH4 and N2O). According to national GHG inventories more than 90 % of the emissions from organic forest soils are reported in Nordic and Baltic countries. There is still high uncertainty in the emission factors (EF) applied, however. The aim of this project is to collate published data and construct more precise EFs for the Nordic-Baltic region.


We aim to produce

i) a synthesis report of the CO2 , N2O, and CH4 emissions from drained organic forest soils in the Nordic and Baltic countries and factors regulating these emissions:

ii) evaluation of how to improve measurement protocols to improve the usability of data for construction of EFs

iii) a common research agenda for future research to fill in identified data gaps